Enhanced Mobility for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities – Section 5310 Program

Amistad provides transportation services to elderly and persons with disabilities to doctor’s appointments, cancer treatment centers, therapy, dialysis, pharmacies, employment, education centers, groceries stores, shopping centers and other approved destinations. Funding is provided by the federal government and awarded by the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization. 

Who is eligible?

  •         Seniors – 65 years of age and older
  •          All Persons with Disabilities (they don’t need to be 65+ if they have a disability)
  •         Persons must live within the urbanized area (see map)

 Purpose:  Nonemergency Medical Transportation, Social, Education, Shopping

5310 Eligibility Process:

  1.  Fill out application (español)
  2.  Sign Clients Rights and Responsibilities (español)
  3. Email both forms to [email protected]
  4.  Eligibility Determination by Amistad
  5.  Once eligible, the Transportation Department schedules the trips

Cost: $2.50 one-way

Pickup and Drop-off: El Paso Urbanized Area

Hours of Operation:  Trips must be scheduled between 5:30 AM and 7 PM , Monday through Saturday.

To Apply or Schedule a Trip Call