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The Aging, Disability & Transportation Resource Center (ADTRC) provides information on affordable, accessible and integrated housing options. Information on home modifications, emergency and homeless services, housing services as well as helpful rental and homeownership tips can also be provided.

Do You or Someone You Know Need Assistance to Live Independently?

The ADTRC is ready to assist any residents who don’t receive Medicaid requesting the option to return to the community. If you or someone you know is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or are in the hospital waiting to be discharged back into the community.

Our Options Counselor will use a person-centered approach to explore options for community living and identify any long-term services and supports that will help the individual be successful in making the transition.

The MDS 3.0 Section Q referral process, approaches the nursing facility resident through an assessment form and a more centered planning perspective. The residents are required to take a more active role in determining their individual service plan. Nursing facilities are required to make the referral to the Local Contact Agency and ensure that there was a follow up response.

Please call our Options Counselor for assistance at 915-298-7307 or 1-855-937-2372 (option 1, option 1, zip code).

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