Effective June 1, 2021, the Managed Transportation Organization (MTO) Program at Amistad will transition over to Access2Care. Amistad will no longer provide the following services:

  • Mass Transit Tickets
  • Individual Transportation Participant (ITP)
  • Meals and Lodging
  • Advanced Funds
  • Out-of-state Travel
  • Attendant Services
  • Commercial Airline Transportation Services
  • Call Center Operations

Under the MTO Program, Amistad arranged cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services for eligible Medicaid clients, Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN), and Transportation for Indigent Cancer Patients (TICP), who met the program’s financial and residential eligibility criteria and who had no other means of transportation. All other transportation programs, including the Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (5310), as well as referral contracts with other agencies, will not be affected and will continue to operate accordingly.

To schedule an appointment, persons with a medicaid health plan will need to contact their health plan directly. Persons without a medicaid health plan will need to call 877-633-8747 to schedule their trips.

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Transportation Program

Amistad offers a variety of transportation options to residents living in the Far West Texas region. The agency’s fleet of more than 42 vehicles has become a constant presence on streets and highways in the far west region including El Paso and the Big Bend area. The agency transports thousands of elderly residents and persons with disabilities to their medical destinations each week.

Amistad provides transportation to thousands of persons through various contracts and partnerships with the City and County of EI Paso, TxDOT, Area Agency on Aging and various local agencies. If approved, Amistad will provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, cancer treatments, therapy, dialysis, pharmacies, or other approved medical appointments.

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WTEP Survey

The Far West Texas/El Paso Regional Transportation Coordination Committee (WTEP) is seeking public and provider input on its 2022-2026 Human Services-Public Transportation Coordination Plan to identify the current needs within the six-county region. Please take a moment to complete the online survey below.

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