Money Management Services

Amistad’s Money Management Program provides money management services and an array of social services to elderly and adult persons with disabilities who live within the city limits of EI Paso. A case manager is assigned to assist the individual with creating a budget, ensuring that their basic needs are being met, paying their bills on time and that the individual is residing in a safe environment. Among the referring sources are the Probate Court, Adult Protective Services, Social Security Administration and other Community Agencies.

Services Provided:

  • Apply to be the assigned Representative Payee
  • Advocate and assist the client to obtain entitlement benefits
  • Pay rent, utilities, and other bills to include medication and medial supplies
  • Complete bank reconciliations
  • Assist clients to select and arrange a funeral
  • Monitor the client’s health and welfare
  • Refer clients to community agencies for resources on a as needed basis

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