The Affordable Care Act was developed to help individuals access affordable health insurance through a health insurance marketplace where families and individuals can purchase federally regulated and subsidized health insurance during open enrollment. However, finding the right plan can be confusing. Our CHIMES Team navigates clients through the eligibility and enrollment process by answering their questions and hosting several enrollment events.

Open Enrollment: November 1st – January 15th

The Open Enrollment period is an opportunity for individuals who do not have healthcare coverage to apply through the Healthcare Marketplace. Amistad Navigators assist with the process from start to finish ensuring clients have access to the health plan that best suits their needs. These are quality, comprehensive health plans that offer doctor visits, emergency care, preventive care, hospital care, and prescription drugs.

Special Enrollment: January 16th – October 31st

The Special Enrollment period is on opportunity for individuals experiencing a life changing event to apply for an affordable health plan through the Healthcare Marketplace. Here are the qualifications for Special Enrollment:

  • Change of Employment
  • Loss in Medical Coverage
  • Change is Marital Status
  • Change in Income
  • New Dependent or Birth of a Child
  • Recently Moved to a New City Within Texas
  • Individuals About to Turn 26 Years of Age

Our Consumer Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment Services (CHIMES) Navigators can guide you through the enrollment process and assist families with CHIP and Medicaid applications.

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