West Texas El Paso Regional Coordination Committee

The overall goal of the Far West Texas/El Paso Regional Transportation Coordination Committee (WTEP) Health & Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan (HHSTP) is to improve the availability, quality, and efficiency of transportation services for seniors, persons with disabilities (PWDs), those with low income, and other population groups with limited mobility options. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) works to achieve this goal through coordination among transportation service providers and health and human services agencies and through better allocation and management of transportation resources. This update of the HHSTP is intended to provide a path forward for transportation service coordination efforts throughout the HHSTP Study Area (as shown in Figure I-A) and to provide analysis and findings that support more effective matching of transportation resources to needs.


“Promote collaboration between transportation providers and health and human service organizations so that persons served experience an improved quality of life.”


“Persons within the West Texas/El Paso six-county region will have access to social services that include customer-centered, dependable, and convenient transportation.”


  • Goal 1: Implement the WTEP Regional Health and Human Services – Public Transportation Coordination Plan through collaboration of services by member agencies.
  • Goal 2: Promote collaboration resulting in continued and improved services to persons served.
  • Goal 3: Fill gaps in service through identification and assessment of changing mobility needs, increased efficiencies, funding opportunities, and new technologies.
  • Goal 4: Maintain board public knowledge of transit and social services throughout the six-county region.
  • Goal 5: Promote efforts to maximize technical assistance and training to member agencies.
A woman in a wheelchair is helped off a van using a chair lift.