Guardianship Program

Project Amistad serves as the court-appointed guardian of over 350 persons in El Paso County and 35 other West Texas counties who have been found to be incapacitated and unable to support or protect their own health and welfare. As cited in the Texas Estates Code, “an incapacitated person is a minor; an adult who, because of a physical or mental condition, is substantially unable to provide food, clothing, or shelter for himself or herself; care for the person’s own physical health; or manage the person’s own financial affairs; or must have a guardian appointed for the person to receive funds due the person from a governmental source.”

The types of guardianship are full, limited, temporary or successor. Guardianships are established through a legal process and subject to supervision of the court. Judge Patricia Chew and Judge Eduardo Gamboa preside over the two Probate Courts of the El Paso County.

Patricia Chew

Eduardo Gamboa

Individuals are referred to Project Amistad for guardianship services by various social service agencies, Probate Court 1 and 2, hospitals, nursing facilities, foster homes and family members. A Guardianship Case Manager is assigned a caseload of individuals who are in need of a guardian. The Guardianship Case Manager visits the individual on a monthly basis and ensures the individual’s medical, physical and social needs are being addressed and met. Guardianship Case Managers are guided to provide guardianship services through the Texas Estates Code and Minimum Standards of Guardianship in Texas.

Services Provided:

  • Assessment on a continuous basis of the individual’s social, psychological, educational, direct services, medical, health and personal care needs
  • Secure a safe and healthy residence
  • Apply for Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits
  • Consent to or object to medical and dental treatment
  • Manage and invest the individual’s personal property
  • Advocate for the individual and his or her autonomy and self determination

Contact Information for Guardianship Program Managers- Michelle Moss -915-224-0508 and Claudia Tarango- 915-525-1721

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